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Administrative Ethics
Le'Chonnia Ware
November 5, 2011
Brenda Boyd

Administrative Ethics
There is an article that spoke about two women who both had heart attacks on the same day. Both of the women went to the same hospital. The hospital was not equipped to handle two heart attacks that happen that close. This article bothered me because of how this situation was handled. It should not have happen the way it happened. Instead of trying to save both lives a doctors’ made a decision that only one of them needed the surgery. In health care ethics supposed to stay with you. Treat people with respect and let them know that you would do your best to take care of them. There are enough hospitals and technology to help assist with
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This hospital, the ambulance, the doctors, and other staff members knew they already had one massive heart attack victim. Working in a hospital you should know what the hospital is capable of. This was a lack of communication, management, experience, and respect for others.
The Outcome
With the decision being made that Sarah would have the surgery because she was younger was not a good decision. Because they operated on Sarah, she could recover. She was able to continue living her life with her loved ones. On the other hand Marguerite passes away the next day because she did not receive the surgery. Now we can say it was her time to go, God wanted it to happen like. The fact is no one has the right to play God. There were so many things that went wrong.

Ethics is the study of moral principles governing the appropriate conduct for a person or a group of people. When you grow up you are taught about respect for yourself and others. The respect that you are taught should stay with you for the rest of your life. When you decide to take a career in health care you decide to put your ethics in to play. You are caring for other people who think that you have their best interest. You are supposed to help make people feel better, and be honest. In the article that did not take place. You do not say who lives because of their age. Dr. K, Marguerite friend should have spoken up.

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