Ethics Paper Rough Draft : Group Dynamics

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Jamechya Carter Duncan
Ethics Paper-Rough Draft
Group Dynamics
Liberty University

The overarching goal as an effective and competent counselor is the ability and knowledge to integrate ethical codes into ones professional practice (Kocet, 2006). Therefore, this ethics paper will explore the topics of ethics as it is within groups as compared to ethics regarding individual counseling. Ethical decisions are those pertaining to the overarching moral principles, such as doing good for others which is termed beneficence and to do no harm which is no maleficence in ethical terms (Rapin, 2004). Furthermore, it is imperative to know the two central components of ethics for counselors, which is first to outline the prescribed or mandatory professional behaviors by which counselors are expected to govern their conduct and secondly to know that a code contains aspirational components, which encourages active ethical beliefs of the profession (Kocet, 2006). However, no code of ethics can encompass every potential ethical dilemma faced by a professional but a code of ethics does serve as a blueprint for laying down the foundation that is necessary to promote the competency and efficacy of counselors (Kocet, 2006). Furthermore, the American Counseling Association (ACA) governing Council approved the adoption of the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics, which the code is revised every seven to ten years providing an opportunity for counseling professions to examine current practices
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