Ethics Paper : School Counseling

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Ethics Paper
Jonie Chavis
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Ethics Paper
School Counseling Case Study Introduction
You are a Licensed Professional School Counselor working in a middle school in North Carolina and one of my former students Tierra has graduated and has come by my office to share her plans after graduation. While talking with her, she has informed me that she had been romantically involved with her high school counselor, Zack for most of her senior year in high school but that they had recently decided to just be friends. Tierra also stated they had not been involved sexually, and had not gone any further than kissing.
Zack over the course of the relationship expressed to Tierra that he was going to leave his wife to be with her but it never happened and eventually the relationship ended. Tierra had not informed her parents and she did not want you to contact her parents. Zack is not only the high school counselor, he is also the District’s School Counseling Director. Since he is the Director he sits on the committee that completes the evaluations of all school counselors in the district, and is the person, who would generally be one of your first points of contact when challenging situations arise that involve consultation/supervision.
Step 1 Define the Problem Emotionally and Intellectually
The problem with this case study is Zack is a High School Counselor and the District School Counselor Director and he became romantically
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