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Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital Question 1: What are the ethical considerations of this issue? The ethical considerations of this issue, is the responsibility of the hospital to provide all the relevant information concerning access to emergency contraceptives, for rape and sexual assault victims. Brownfield’s defense supports the idea that emergency contraceptives, Plan B, and oral synthetic hormones are the most common form of emergency contraceptives, and this information must be given to the victim upon her request. These contraceptives are called the “morning after pill or plan B”. Question 2: What are the legal considerations of this issue? Some legal considerations are the Principles of Informed Consent.…show more content…
Other's stressed the importance of giving victims of sexual assault medically, accurate and unbiased information and the choice to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Even though the American Medical Association’s medically accepted standard of care includes administering emergency contraception, only some hospitals unconditionally provide emergency contraception to rape victims. Question 3: What ethical concepts and principles apply to this issue? Access to emergency contraception has been heavily debated issue, because there has to be a balance between protecting healthcare providers’ religious and moral beliefs on one hand, and providing a uniform standard of care and maintaining patients’ rights on the other. This principle gives a significant approach to the analysis of ethical questions arising from the general obligation to preserve human life, and the limits of that obligation. Other questions the principle addresses is, whether the forgoing of life-sustaining treatment constitutes a physician-assisted suicide in certain circumstances and it guides individuals and surrogate decision-makers in the weighing of benefits and burdens. 4. If you were a judge in the Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital case, would you agree with the other judge’s decisions? How would you justify this decision to the hospital or the rape

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