Ethics Program Essay

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Code of Ethics of Company X Introduction The success of Company X is largely determined by the ethical actions and integrity of the employees that support Company X. We are committed to providing education and dialog to promptly address ethical questions or concerns raised by an employee. Managers should encourage discussion amongst employees especially regarding ethics. Ethics dialog should become integrated into a normal work day to keep ethics fresh on everyone’s minds and allow for manager and peer coaching. Ethical dilemmas can occur at any level of business and all employees should be able to make a decision that properly reflects the values and integrity of Company X. We must strive that every action at Company X promotes…show more content…
Your safety and the safety of others should take precedence over anything else. All employees are required to comply with all of Company X’s safety rules and guidelines as well as any federal, state and local laws. Each employee is responsible to provide a safe work area for themselves and coworkers by maintaining an organized work area that is free from potential hazards. If there is ever any doubt regarding safety then you should immediately stop and notify manager. If there is ever a doubt about how to safely perform a task, then immediately stop and notify manager. No employee should ever be put in a situation or put others in a situation where they fear for their safety or the safety of anyone else. Any additional measures that could be taken to further increase the safety of an employee should be taken. Any unsafe working conditions or procedures must be immediately reported to your manager. In the event of an injury, regardless of severity, it must be reported immediately to your manager and Human Resources. There is nothing more important at Company X than the safety of our employees. There should never be a situation where an employee is put in an unsafe situation nor should an employee fear reprisal for reporting an unsafe condition. Employees should address safety concerns with direct managers; in the event that the direct manager is unresponsive then the employee must take safety concern to Director of
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