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Running head: ETHICS REFLECTION Ethics Reflection STR/581 Ethics Reflection In the last decade ethics has taken an important place in corporate America after some unethical and fraudulent business practices getting uncovered. Few companies’ such as Tyco, Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom have made their name synonymous with corporate fraud. Unethical behavior of top executives like Bernard Madoff and Martha Stewart can sink the whole company. This paper will explain the role of ethics and social responsibility when developing a strategic plan. In this paper I will also discuss how my ethical responsibility has changed during MBA program. Ethics in Strategic Planning Ethical means that which is…show more content…
This also helps employees make good, informed business decisions and to act with integrity at all times. Business ethics requires of commercial personnel the capacity to co-operate and to abide by common rules, even if an agent could gain a temporary advantage by a breach of them. It does not require the suspension of the profit motive, or any other of the self-interested mainsprings of human action, but it does insist that business agents follow those conventional rules and practice that are essential for the long-run advantage of all. Personal Ethical Perspective From Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory assessments, result of my ethical perspective is classified as “Result”, that suggests that I work most effectively in an organization committed to individual trust and empowerment. I would like to work in an organization demonstrating integration of ethics and performance integrity. Moral conflict between individual beliefs and the organizational values can lead to frustration, cynicism, and early burnout (University of Phoenix, 2011). I understand there is strong correlation between employee’s performance and corporate success. During the course of MBA program my ethical values and beliefs have changed significantly. The course has provided more insight into the impact and depth of the actions of a manager or an employee can have on other in the team, and the organization as a whole.

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