Ethics : Safety And Ethics

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Safety and Ethics In everyday society, there has always been ethics. Ethic’s isn’t a new topic, and people have had thoughts or something to say about it for years. However, not everyone stops to realize that many everyday ethical decisions have to do with safety in the workplace or even at home. These ethical, safety decisions can be made on a morning walk, the drive to work, or even at a workplace while running a machine. We as a society haven’t stopped to correlate the two until just recently. Safety is a growing thing throughout the industry, and ethics plays an enormous role in it.
One might think that ethical decision making has to do with a hard choice, and in an way it does. So, in order to better understand the topic of ethics
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Another giant topic, is safety and ethics in the workplace. Today, many people go to their workplace and never even blink an eye at all the things to do with safety around them. They don’t realize that at any given time they could be placed in an ethical decision making process to save the life of someone or many people. For example, a fire breaks out in the kitchen of a dinner, the worker is faced with the ethical decision to try and put the flames out or getting the customer’s to safety. The ethical decision is a hard one, but if the flames are bigger than a small trash can the employee should take the customer’s to a safe location, and call the fire department to come extinguish the flames.
One great example of safety and ethics in the workplace, is in the healthcare field. Medical ethic’s is also nothing new. People going into the healthcare profession usually always have to take a class on ethics in the workplace. This would be because the worker’s there are placed in decision making processes all the time from the time the patient is inside the ambulance. Those professionals are supposed to make the most ethical and just decision with the time given. However, many times it seems that they can be placed between a rock and a hard place so to say. This is said because many times they have to make split second
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