Ethics, Sexual Harassment, And Bullying

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I felt very connected to this week’s discussions, not because I’ve personally been involved in discrimination, sexual harassment, or bullying but because I spent a lot of time managing through these issues when I worked as an Operations Manager for Borders, Inc. At any given time I had ~250 employees and managers in a distribution center reporting to me on three shifts, six days a week. It was rare that I didn’t have some pending issue that required a Human Resources perspective and these issues were very common themes. I’ve never understood why someone would choose to expend energy on any of these actions but always considered my role as one that could protect others when it did occur. As we’ve discussed, having established policies that are frequently communicated allows employers to react swiftly to correct any issues that arise. This was the case when I worked at Borders and it is today at HCA so I feel comfortable everything possible is being done to discourage and prevent these actions from occurring. Privacy is a very touchy subject these days and the knife seems to cut both ways when it comes to who should know what, and when they should know it. On one hand, the privacy of consumer information becomes a bigger concern every day as companies are hacked and information is stolen. There are laws that mandate what companies must to in order to protect this information but I also feel that organizations have their own internal obligation to do what’s right for
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