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Effective Powers Of the five powers, the establishment of an ethical climate calls for much debate. However given the current climate of Paradigm Toys, that being one of coercive power; the use of referent power is likely going to be the most effective in changing ethical climates. The current climate of coercive power, is displayed through the employees being fearful of the loss of jobs if quota’s are not met- which often causes defective products to be produced. This defective product issue has been seen in a large number of recalls within the past three years. To combat this current ethical culture of ensuring quotas are met but failing to produce a quality product, developing a culture of referent power should be implemented. …show more content…
This value of quality must take place over quantity for some time to ensure that employees move from the desire to meet quota to ensure job security and instead focus on a quality product with an eye on safety for the stakeholders.
Primary and Secondary Stakeholders

Primary stakeholders, those who benefit directly from the business activities of Paradigm Toys are many. Primary stakeholders are the employees themselves, the management and leadership of the organization, parents of children for which toys are purchased, and the most primary in terms of who reaps the most benefit of the product, the children who enjoy the toys produced. As primary stakeholder, we will focus on the employees themselves and the purchasers of said toys. Secondary stakeholders are those who benefit indirectly, are families of the employees who gain great benefit from the employment of the family member but not adding to that benefit directly. Another secondary stakeholder could be charitable or non-profit organizations who benefit from the purchase and donation of Paradigm toys such as Good Will, United Way, and other children’s charities. As well as organizations that may benefit based on the social giving of the employees and organization to other charitable organizations.

Board of Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility The social responsibility of the Paradigm Toy Corporation is varied; however focusing on ethical responsibilities will positively impact both legal

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