Ethics, The Ethics And Values Of The Nursing Profession

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Ethics, the rules and principles that guide right behaviors or conduct, are foundational to the field of bioethics, which focuses on ethical issues in healthcare (Mclennon, Uhrich, Lasiter, Chamnes, & Helft, 2013). Nurses are faced with ethical decision making principles daily when caring for their patients, some days more than others. According to Yoder-Wise (2011), ethics may be distinguished from the law because ethics is internal to an individual, looks to the ultimate “good” of an individual rather than society as a whole, and concerns the “why” of one’s actions (p. 91). In this particular situation, the nurse has to decide if she will respect the wishes of the patient’s family members or be upfront and honest with her patient and potentially jeopardize accelerating her death. “The Nurses Code of Ethics articulates the ethics and values of the nursing profession by affirming that ‘nursing care is directed toward meeting the comprehensive needs of patients and their families across the continuum of care,’ in addition, ‘promoting, advocating for, and striving to protect the health, safety, and the rights of the patient’ (Punjani, 2013, p. 1). If basing ones’ decision strictly on The Nurses Code of Ethics the decision the nurse needs to make appears to be clear but in ethics there are no right and no wrong answers. However, Yoder-Wise (2011) states, the principle of autonomy addresses personal freedom and the right to choose what will happen to one’s own person (p.…
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