Ethics : The Principles Of A Culture Individuals, Organisation Or Groups

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Ethics are the principles of a culture individuals, organisation or groups. It is also moral values which cultures or individual holds, such as the moral judgment and their decision making whether something is right or wrong. The decisions that may be impacted by ethics are rejecting a route which will increase their short terms profits due to it being unethical. This is an important aspect of business, as this affects the relations between different businesses and their workers but also affects how successful the business will be.
Ethical behaviour is very important to business as it may bring significant benefits to the firm and its workers, such as attracting customers to their products by increasing their trust through ethical behaviour which will increase their sales and profits. Ethical behaviour also attracts more talented and well educated workers which means not only can the firm increase its productivity but also boost their success through having more qualified workers.
However if a business lacs ethical behaviour it could bring many disadvantages to the business such as damage the business reputation which will discourage stakeholders and shareholders to invest into the business which will decrease its profits.
Scot as a management accountant is expected to take of series of tasks to ensure their company is financially secure. Management accountants are the key employees which determine the status and success of a firm.
Some of the tasks which scots is
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