Ethics Violations in the Workplace Essay

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In the paper below, I will outline an ethics violation that occurred where I work and give the outcome of the ethics violation based on the ethics code that is in place at EDMC. In addition, I will take one through the steps that EDMC has developed to report a violation and the way that one can also report the violation if they do not get closure when going through the proper channels.

Ethical Case
When working for any corporation it is very important, that one reads and understands the company's ethics policy of the company where they are employed.
The story that I am about to tell is what happens when one does not have a clear understanding of the ethics policy and unknowingly violates the policy.
T was a custodian that worked for the university for 7 years. He was a hard worker that was diligent about doing his job. When I managed the bookstore, he would come by often just to say hello. He was a single father that had several children and he worked hard to make ends meet for his family.
He came into work on a Saturday to clean the carpets for the college and on his way to his car in the parking lot and came across a distraught student who had locked her keys in her car. She said that she could not get a hold of her parents and did not have enough money to call a company to unlock the door. She was very upset as she was new to town and did not know anyone therefore she was afraid that she would be left in the parking lot until she could locate her parents…

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