Ethics Vs Stem Cell Research Essay

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Ethics vs. Stem Cell Research

A little girl named Maia was born with a serious brain injury that was predicted to cause her to never lead a normal life. Within just a few days after treatment, her condition has improved dramatically and Maia is now a normal kindergartener. When it comes to stem cell research the question remains, is it ethical to take a life to save another? The controversy against stem cell research mainly is applied to embryonic stem cells, or cells from an unborn child. These cells are the most versatile of all of the stem cells. After reading so much on stem cells I believe that most people who are opposing the use of stem cells do not realize all the different kinds of stem cells that can be used and where they come
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Fister went into the doctor for a bruise that would not heal after a fall. After tests were run Fister was diagnosed with leukemia. She had two bone marrow transplants that failed, and her last option was an adult stem cell transplant from umbilical cord blood. Weeks after the transplant, Fister’s body did not reject the stem cells and she became stronger. Fister also informed her physician that her skin was now healing faster as well. Mary Laughlin, Fister’s transplant physician at University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center, says “It is not surprising the stem cells have affected more than her leukemia. These cells not only cure the leukemia or life-threatening blood disorder, they also participate in the repair of the organs in the body.” There have been other success stories of cancer patients as well. Army veteran, Bill Dubois had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for five years. Chemotherapy was successful in suppressing the lymphoma for several years but resurfaced. Dubois had learned of the advancements made in adult stem cell transplant and decided on this being his next step to recovery. His sister, former marine Sidney Wallace, was a perfect match and donated the adult stem cells to her brother. A year later from the transplant, Dubois is cancer
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