Ethics : What Is Ethics?

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What is Ethics? My understanding of Ethics is that it is the difference between doing something right or doing something wrong. People make choices in life that could affect them either positively or negatively. For example, when I make the choice to go to all of my classes on Monday this would be the right thing for me to do. By paying attention, by making sure I understand the material, taking notes, raising my hand and asking questions will enable me to become better prepared. I would benefit by going to every class for the entire semester which will help me become more organized and equipped which could eventually lead to better grades and understanding. Ethical conduct is important, why? When you do what is right and proper it is the…show more content…
Academic dishonesty was seen in the men 's basketball team in 1999. An academic counselor had reportedly done coursework for at least 18 Minnesota basketball players. That is cheating for his team. Ethical Standards for that is terrible for a professor to do that. Many players were suspended due to a pending further investigation which was the result of cheating. By not following the rules and regulations of the NCAA. The University of Minnesota men 's basketball team was unable to compete in the postseason and could have their records erased for the 6 years following the scandal. As a result, in the following year, the NCAA placed the men 's basketball program on probation and reduced scholarships based on numerous ethical violations. In a more recent case, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was under investigation regarding ethical issues with their women’s basketball team and men’s soccer team. Most of the athletes had signed up for courses in this University to be enrolled in but were seen as a violation to the NCAA from doing poorly on there papers. Later, allegations arose as certain student-athletes were not academically qualified for college. The classes that the athletes signed up for were eventually dropped out of because of the specific violations that the athletes made. As time went on, the athletes still had to participate in school but were not able to attend class so they were introduced to classes where they
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