Ethics and Brazilian Market

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Chili's opportunity to expand into Brazilian market
Brandy Carl, Andi Claborn, Roobina Gabri,
Brandy Dufresne,
April 8, 2013
Gary Funk

Chili's opportunity to expand into Brazilian market
Chili’s Bar and Grill has received an opportunity to enter the Brazilian market. The purpose of this study is to indicate important information about the potential location such as demographics and customer needs, which is needed to create an appropriate marketing strategy.
Within our study, we will discuss the research questions and hypotheses that were formed to guide us in our research. We will also discuss the variables that need to be considered, including the ethical issues we must take into account. Finally, and most
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Ensuring that the atmosphere is in line with what Brazilians feel comfortable with would highly impact the atmosphere of the restaurant, but is possible. The scope of this could mean changing how the company works, at least in this area. These changes do not need to be made to locations outside of Brazil, but the impact would mean a different dining experience depending on locale. This could cause some confusion for travelers, so keeping some of the original restaurant visuals and flavors is essential. The magnitude of these changes would mean creating a test kitchen specific to the Brazilian locales and then conducting research in the form of focus groups to determine what flavor profiles work best and would sell best as well as the type of setting that is most inviting. These are all significant steps in ensuring the success of the new locations, but could lead to new menu items inside of the United States and other locations as well creating more international flavor options and generating additional revenue for the company. This type of research and expansion is challenging, but completely feasible so long as a process is set forth and followed.

Conclusion- Emily Kern Chili’s Bar and Grill received an opportunity to enter the Brazilian market. The demographics as well as the customer’s

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