Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

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Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Legal, Ethics, and Corporate Governance Jekilan Hill-Barrett Professor Weekley November 23, 2014 Ethics and Corporate Responsibility The stakeholders within PharmaCARE are all the individuals and groups that are affected by the company’s decisions. The employees that may suffer from the lack of environmental safety or abuse of the production location allowing the organization to payless to workers for their hard work. The consumers of the organization’s products that may purchase bad goods that cause a negative reaction. The investors and stockholders who will lose any monetary investment due to the company’s loss of profits which would be an effect of inappropriate management of…show more content…
PharmaCARE likes to save money whenever it can by paying the least knowledgeable or least needy at least for their life style the lowest income while providing those who have a greedy nature with the most income. This is shown by how they have taken advantage of the Colebrian people and their indigenous culture of only taken what they need to survive. While the executives live in the lap of luxury. By at least taking care of the decision makers they are actually paying them off to be quiet and help the organization save money and turn a profit. The rank and file workers are also taken advantage of because the company is utilizing their skills and knowledge while making them suffer the consequences can faces of bad management and safety violations so the company can save money to insure a profitInstead of firing everyone management could take the more ethical approach and report the company for any and all violations. The benefits for them would be that they would be able to keep their jobs since they would not be able to be fired. The evidence is piling up against the organization and they will eventually lose their jobs anyway. By revealing the truths, it is more likely promotions will be given and bosses will be fired In noticing
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