Essay on Ethics and Corruption in Governments Around the World

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Ethics are the means by which one can decide what actions are permissible and what actions are not. Government ethics constitutes the application of ethical rules and norms to the government. It covers issues of honesty and transparency in government, political corruption, police corruption, bribery, legislative ethics, regulatory ethics, conflict of interest, avoiding the appearance of impropriety, open government, and legal ethics. In India, bureaucracy is arranged in a way that people can move up the ladder only on the basis of merit; therefore, it is a system that is meant to be objective, impersonal and unbiased. However, being a highly traditional society, forces like caste, family ties and personal preferences play an integral part…show more content…
THE SCANDAL Aiming to replace the old field guns and artillery in the hands of the Army, the Indian government in the mid-1980s decided to go ahead with the purchase of bigger caliber 155 mm howitzers. The ‘Haubits FH-77 gun’ manufactured by AB Bofors of Sweden was selected. According to a deal that was signed on March 24, 1986, between New Delhi and the Swedish metals and armaments major, it was agreed upon that AB Bofors would supply the Indian Army with 410 155-mm howitzers. The deal was worth some 285 million dollars which is equivalent to about Rs.1500 crores, which was quite a significant amount in that time and era and continues to be so today as well. The scandal first came into the picture on April 16, 1987 when a Swedish Radio broadcast claimed that AB Bofors had paid kickbacks to key Indian policy makers and top defence officials to secure the deal. Soon, news about this broadcast was carried in the Indian media and an immediate denial was issued by the Rajiv Gandhi government in response. The Hindu correspondent, Chitra Subramanian then began to investigate and the facts started unraveling at an exponential pace as she contacted several people to scratch the surface of the case. It was revealed that following years of technical evaluations by the army, it was decided that the final choice had to be made between the French and Swedish guns. However, the financial package helped sway the decision in favour of Bofors. Bofors had

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