Ethics and Evaluations in Psychotherapy

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Ethics in Psychotherapy Introduction In this paper, I shall focus on the assumptions made about ethics and evaluations they base on when evaluating moral differences, some of the difficulties involved in defining the ethics and moral behavior. I shall also look at some of the ethics a physiotherapist can use to judge if behavior is good or bad. Finally, I shall conclude the analysis that can use to resolve the dilemma of this definition. Ethics is a matter of truth based on certain facts and principles of behavior that is generally accepted by the society. Many counselors remain in the dilemma in recognizing whether certain behavior is acceptable or not. However there are various ways, methods and principles a physiotherapy should follow in order to judge whether such behavior is acceptable or not. To start with, the psychotherapist should consider various factors of the subject situation before coming up with a conclusive remark about the incident. He should consider the age of the affected, the situation, time and place where the incident occurred. The psychologist should also come up with ways of determining the possibility of such happening depending on all the factors that have been given. Through all these he will come up with conclusive information regarding what could happen if what happened never happened. That is focusing the other side of the incident. Then he can say,” You would have done this instead of that”. Or “You can do this to tackle the situation”. The
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