Ethics and Government

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Ethics and Government Angela M. Roberson SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Professor Kay Green May 30, 2010 Ethics is defined as a set of principles of right conduct. It is also a theory or a system of moral values (Merriman/Webster online dictionary). Government Ethics is often times referred to an oxy-moron. The reason for this is that many believe that our government does not have ethics in decision making. In this paper I will attempt to analyze the links between laws and ethics and how they have a relationship with one another. I will also explain how our government and ethics have a connection and how this connection can be made better. In recent months there have been several government issues going.…show more content…
The second requirement for in issue to be an applied ethical issue is that it must be a moral issue. Sensitive issues like affirmative action, don’t ask don’t tell, health care reform and energy conservation are controversial and have an important impact on society. Fieser refers to some of these issues as issues of social policy. His definition of social policy is to help make a given society run efficiently by devising conventions, such as traffic laws, tax laws, and zoning codes. As for moral issues, he stated that it concerns more universally obligatory practices, such as our duty to avoid lying, and are not confined to individual societies. One example that he brought up was, “some social policies forbid residents in certain neighborhoods from having yard sales. But, so long as the neighbors are not offended, there is nothing immoral in itself about a resident having a yard sale in one of these neighborhoods.” Therefore, to qualify as an applied ethical issue, the issue must be more than one of mere social policy: it must be morally relevant as well (Fieser, 2006). The ethical process helps to explore the reasons for different positions, and to evaluate them by ethical standards. The process provides opportunities for mutual understanding and learning. By integrating the more traditional
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