Ethics and Greenwashing Essay

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Ethics can be defined as a set of moral standards, relied on to reach conclusions and decisions. Within a business environment, ethics play a large role in sophisticated decision making. Maintaining an ethical nature within a business can benefit both the internal and external stakeholders within the business.

Ethics are genuinely shaped as you mature and grow, and are significantly influenced by both your surrounding environment and the people around you. Your ethical viewpoints continue changing and evolving over time as a result of the different people you expose and interact with as well as the change of environment and situations you can find yourself in. Business ethics are genuinely based on the way in which positive benefits can
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“A major result of green washing, is public confusion”, said Terrachoice vice president Scot Case. But green washing can also pose environmental threats, and that it is indeed harmful as seen in 2008, when the Malaysian Palm Oil Council produced a television advertisement claiming itself as being eco-friendly, with a voiceover throughout the commercial stating “Malaysia Palm Oil. Its trees give life and help our planet breathe, and give home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna.” In this case public confusion happens, as advertisement critics including ‘Friends of the Earth’, palm oil plantations are linked to rainforest species extinction, habitat loss, pollution from burning to clear land, destruction of flood buffer zones, and other adverse affects. The clear evident contrast is considerably unfair as well-intentioned consumers are being misled into purchases that do not deliver on their environmental promise. This in turn means both the individual has been misled and they have lost feeling of their commitment to the environment, which was the likely reason they pursued purchasing the product or service due to the nature in which it is environmentally friendly, and their desire to benefit the environment has been dissipated. This reaches a stage in which people begin seeing further examples of green washing and they are not
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