Ethics and Innovations in Marketing and Its Relevance with Consumer Behavior

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Kishor N. Choudhary N.S.B.College, Nanded
ABSTRACT: In order to be consumer-oriented, marketing will have to be truthful and ethical. That is why it is very important in marketing, as in any other field; to apply the principles of Ethics It is also important to apply the processes of innovation, to find new ways of marketing effectively. This Paper explains the concept of Ethics in Marketing and overview a number of issues around innovation:

Keywords: Ethics, Innovation, Consumer, Marketing, Stakeholders, code of conduct, Values.


Marketing is a powerful tool with the potential to change opinions and influence behavior. It is essential this
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It has set up C.C.C. (Consumer Complaints Council) to decide whether or not the ad complaints were in violation of A.S.C.I. code. The contents of the code are:

1. To ensure the truthfulness and honesty of representations and claims made by advertisements and to safeguard against misleading advertising.

2. To ensure that advertising is not offensive to generally accepted standards of public decency.

3. To safeguard against indiscriminate use of advertising for promotion of products which are regarded as hazardous to society or to individual to a degree or of a type which is unacceptable to society at large.

4. To ensure that advertisements observe fairness in competition so that the consumers need to be informed on choices in the market places and the canons of generally accepted competitive behavior in business or both is served.

Rules of conduct vis-à-vis the customer:

• Advertising should be so designed as to confirm not only to the lows but also to the moral and aesthetic sentiments of the country in which it is published.

• No advertisement that is likely to bring advertising into contempt or disrepute should be permitted. Advertising should not take advantage of the superstition or credibility of the general public.

• Advertising should tell the truth not by distorting facts and misleading by means of implications and omissions.

• No advertising should be permitted to contain any exaggerated claim that should inevitably lead to
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