Ethics and Morality

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Abstract The paper delves into the topic of ethics and morality. It would try to understand the concept of ethics and morality and the difference between the two concepts. In the paper I would analyse what motivates human behaviour and choices and why those choices can never always be moral and ethical. I will analyse some ethical and moral theories that provide guidelines for ethical human behaviour and critically assess them with the aid of real life examples, to determine whether it is possible to have universally applicable rules that help humans to decide if a decision requires ethical/moral considerations or not. The paper would aim to prove that it is the needs of humans which may be at times materialistic and at other times…show more content…
2006). But decision making is rarely an easy process. In our lives, we face situations where we have to take decisions to achieve some desired objective(s) with minimum negative consequences. Decision making becomes even more complicated when our needs are in conflict with each other. Humans have broadly two categories of needs which guide their decisions, viz. deficiency needs associated with physiological needs, which are determined by life processes, like survival, reproduction, nourishment etc, and growth needs associated with psychological needs which are outside the life processes and differentiate humans from other creatures, like creativity, spontaneity, self actualization etc. (Maslow, 1943). Schlozberg in his essay analysed that according to Arendt, our needs of life and the life process are fulfilled through ordinary decision making which is rational in nature. As the number of the ordinary decisions that need to be made in our daily lives are so large, our mind often takes them in a routine and habitual manner, through the aids of customs and habits (cited in Schlozberg n.d.). The way individuals will greet each other, their behaviour towards their seniors etc are examples of some of the decisions which are taken without a thought to any values that we may cherish. But, ordinary decision

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