Ethics and Morality: Right and Wrong Essay

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I strongly believe that some acts are morally right and others morally wrong. Though in society today I find many different people with many different opinions on this some issues. The way someone was raised or the experiences they have faced could be what has molded these beliefs. The differences between right and wrong are not always the same in each person's head and this is where we face controversy. Morals differ from person to person resulting in confrontations dealing with morality issues. Such as euthanasia, human beings should not have to suffer, just as we do not allow animals to suffer. I believe Pro-Choice is morally right. Woman should be given the choice of whether or not she can terminate her pregnancy. On …show more content…
Woman should be given the choice to do what they wish with their body. Whether it be abortion or having their child. First of all it is not always by the woman choice that they become pregnant. Many times women are raped and unfortunately become pregnant, and in this situation, I do not understand how anyone could say that it is morally wrong for her to terminate the pregnancy. No child wants to be the outcome of a rape victim. Pregnancy could change a person's life drastically and not always in a positive way. For example, college bound woman sometimes will never make it to college because they have to work full time to take care of their child or they drop out of high school. I believe it is morally wrong for woman to use abortion as a form of birth control, though accidents happen and woman should be given the opportunity to fix things and learn from their mistakes. I feel cheating is morally wrong in all aspects. Whether it is cheating on a test, cheating on a loved one or cheating just to get ahead of the guy in front of you. Everyone should be given the same opportunities and cheating allows one to move ahead of others in an unfair manner. People are generally trust worthy of others and when someone cheats that trust is gone. There are people who believe cheating is morally right and feel if they can get away with it than why not do it. But I feel these types of people are just
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