Ethics and Morals in Marriage

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"Can I spend the night with you tonight" the young boy asks the other boy? The response, "No, my dad has me this weekend, maybe next week." We live in a world where over half of the marriages end in divorce. This is truly a confounding issue that faces us today. The moral and ethical ramifications brought about by such a change in family organization will only begin to show in the years to come. Some of these issues are addressed in both Laurie Abraham's "Divorced Father," and Barbara Whitehead's "Women and the Future of Fatherhood." Where did this all begin? Well, of course all the demoralizing things that can be seen on television have not helped to build strong values in our society. We can no longer expect to watch a game of…show more content…
The structure of marriage has undergone some remodeling, as a child some of my friend's parents were divorced. My best friend Adam, whom I knew since fifth grade, parents divorced when he was eleven. I did not notice many differences when it happened, I did sense that he was more withdrawn and quiet than he was before. When I did talk to him about it years later, he told me they were tough times; his parents had fought a lot with each other, but now were somewhat more amicable. I try to wonder what my life would have been like if my parents had divorced, his parents divorced because they fought, my parents often argued nonstop, what was to prevent them from divorcing? I think what differentiates my parents from his were the values my parents have. They grew up in Mexico and were raised Catholic. This impacted their view's on divorce. However, if my parents would have divorced, I would have lived with my mother. First of all, she knows how to raise and take care of a child. My father is the father figure who shows no emotion, his role would be to support us financially. There are too many "what ifs" and possibilities to continue, but I am sure I would be not the same person I am today. I do not know who I would be. Fathers' rights come into the spotlight when there is a loving and caring father that wants to be involved but can not do so because of the spouse who is vengeful.

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