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Ethics and Political Philosophy


Gabriel Benavides Escriva

Hans Jonas, The changed nature of human action

This chapter, which is the subject of our study is the first book The principle of responsibility: ethics test for technological civilization, and is titled, "The changed character of human action."

Hans Jonas studied in this chapter, the changes that have occurred in the history of mankind by emphasizing technological vocation of homo sapiens and what this means from the point of view of the relationship between man and nature and from the viewpoint of relationships among men. Analyzes the characteristics of ethics, old and new challenges and the absence of a future-oriented ethics.

The author, Kantian
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Later, when the gods are banished, the question arises spontaneously replacement by other axioms. The state, market, science or law, are candidates to fill the empty space as "the world 's computers."

While the dispute is not resolved, the usual, disguised by modernity, "normalizes" the lives of men and immediacy of their daily practices.

Later, the colonizing force of modernity in collective life, reach the nearby area of the relationship between men, imposing ethics, according to Jonas, unimagined dimension, responsibility.

Not much later, what seemed infinite nature becomes hopelessly vulnerable to unusual and modernity, techniques and technologies. Man now became a causal factor in the extensive system of things.

The nature, regarding human responsibility, is certainly nothing new about what ethical theory must reflect. Jonas is questioned on what this new reflection to political ethics: Is it just prudence forbids us to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs or cut the branch on which you are sitting? But who is the "one" who is in her sitting and perhaps falling into the void? And what is my interest to stay in place or fall?

Ethics, understanding its origin anthropocentric, ie coexistence own men, and activities emerged between men, is aimed at humans, for that reason, it defines itself, thus excluding any non-human species. The nature,
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