Ethics and Profits of an Organization

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Ethics and profits Introduction Any organization that is business oriented is in place to realize profits. Most of the corporations in the United States that are in existence were started on the basis of profit making. This means that the main reason why the corporations exist is so that the owners can get returns from their investment. Business ethics involves the application of ethics to business behavior and the decision making process in the business setting. The connection between business ethics and decision making comes about as a result of the considerations that leaders in businesses put before they make their decisions. When decision making and ethics go hand in hand, the decision makers ensure that they strive not to make unethical decisions as much as possible. The role of leaders in organizations is to convey to their employees ethics but this is however very difficult to put into practice when it comes to actual running of the organization. Complexity between profit making and ethical decision making There is a complex relationship that exists between profit making and ethical behavior or decision in businesses. Often in businesses there are conflicts between ethical practices and full profit maximization. This is because there are some ethical behavior or decisions which when leaders choose to take they can reduce the profitability of the organization. This is the reason why there exists a conflict between ethical decision making and profit realization.
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