Essay about Ethics and Relativism

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Considering the fact that Relativism forsakes “the search for an ethical theory” (Mosser, 2010, p. 50), and states more accurately that “we should recognize that there are no universal or general ethical standards, that one's ethical view is relative to one's culture, society, tradition, religion, worldview, or even one's own individual values” (Mosser, 2010, p. 50), and In light of the fact that Relativists see things in accordance to culture, genders, religion, and so on; they appear “to allow that we can simply “agree to disagree” (Mosser, 2010, p. 51). The moral concepts of beauty and virginity might be difficult moral questions to accept by the relativists as well as problematic in giving justification to.
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The girls and women and not offered no anesthetic and it is done in a very unsanitary and inhumane manner, using razors or other sharpened stones or knives, being forcefully held down by their Mothers and other members of their society and cut by the village elder or their Mothers. Some believe your first born will not survive if you are not circumcised. It had to die because you have not linked yourself to the ancestors. You have to shed blood to link yourself with the ancestors or you cannot get blessings from the ancestors” (ncksub, 2009, figure 3:14-3:27). When you talk to a girl or woman from any of these cultures that practice Female circumcision they will tell you that it is their cultural and a social aspects that they will do to their daughters in order for them to remain a virgin and be acceptable to a husband regardless of the risks of death at the time of the circumcision or during birth when they have to be cut in order to do so. When it becomes time for these girls to undergo their circumcision they are not to show any signs of cowardice, such as crying out or bating of their eyelids, or shaking of their legs or hands, and must withstand the pain in order for them not to be labeled cowards. A myth in their society is that
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