Ethics and Social Responsibility

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SC Johnson Cross-Cultural Perspectives SC Johnson is a company based in the U.S.A. with approximately 13,000 employees globally. They sell products in virtually every country around the world and lead the market in manufacturing cleaning products and storage for the home. SC Johnson is a company who is dedicated to the communities in which they operate and also to their innovative, high-quality products. They recognize communication among Nations can become challenging. By recognizing and defining the language barriers among the various cultures, SC Johnson is able to easily overcome the challenge of language barriers and work diligently together globally to stay on top in the industry. SC Johnsons commitment to each country they…show more content…
This reduces the landfill waste by recycling the bags into compost. Because of this, SC Johnson received the Wisconsin Business Ethics Award (WEBA) in the large company category by the Milwaukee Chapter of Society of Financial Service Professionals (SC Johnson, 2012). This reward recognizes companies that hold a high standard of ethical perspectives. Upon receiving this reward, they will be considered for the American Business Ethics Award, being presented later in the year. SC Johnsons commitment to the community includes social responsibility, philanthropy, volunteerism, protecting families, and great workplaces. SC Johnson strives to sell products that promote environmental benefits. Not all countries are concerned with making green choices. A common criticism is that advanced economies have moved their more pollutant parts of the industry to countries with less stringent environmental and social standards. SC Johnson could be accused of this considering their worldwide locations include Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. However, whenever, and wherever they operate, they maintain the same basic principal across Nations. SC Johnson works diligently to help reduce landfill waste globally. They ensure a culture of respect, integrity, and fairness across cultures. Their vision of diversity and inclusion is a vital foundation to ensure they attract, retain, and inspire the best people. Regardless of what country SC Johnson operates, they
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