Ethics and The Mining Industry Essay

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Everyday minerals from the earth are extracted, removed and formed into something new, when you look back, to pause and ponder at what has been formed, the human mind will be amazed. "This.. Came from that?" beautiful rubies have been created from very specific minerals which are combined together, and glittery diamonds have been formed from coal which has been under great pressure, but it isn't such a magical story when the curtains are unveiled, and the truth is shown. Where are the ethical principles which hold this industry together? A shovel is dug back into the ground, the wind blows onto the small particles of dirt, revealing the business conduct of the mining industry, but the ethical principles have been crushed just like how the rocks of the earth have been crushed, for they have not turned into gold, nor diamonds, nor rubies, these ethical principles of business conduct have been forgotten away in the wind, of toxic fumes. We see men with blood stains on their clothes, they remind us of the coal which has been forced under great levels of pressure, yet these people are not formed into something so beautiful, they are left inhaling toxic fumes, layering mercury to separate metal from rock, the neurotoxin delicately handled with their bare hands, just like how the truth is delicately handled and separated, forming into a lie.

According to the Oxford Dictionary (2014) ethics is defined as "Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an…