Ethics in Academics

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Ethics in an Academic Environment

Ethics in an Academic Environment
Cheating University policy. Universities have developed set policies covering the appropriate uses of technology in an academic setting because electronic devices have evolved to the point that cheating is far easier now than it was in the past. Personal Data Assistants (PDA’s) are a very common factor in everyday life, MP3 players are found in almost everyone’s pocket or backpack, and the use of the internet opens up a whole new world for academic learning, and consequently, cheating. Most Colleges and Universities seek to promote academic ethics and to prevent cheating with a formal policy. Whether a school puts forth a
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The effectiveness of prevention techniques will depend upon the vigilance of the professor employing them. Once item that is noted to have a positive outcome is the development of honor codes (Cole, & McCabe, 1996). The SUNY Task Force also notes the importance of both faculty and students taking an active role in enforcing a code as well as his or her involvement in promoting understanding of its provisions (2006). It was also noted that faculty must be willing to report and discipline students who violate the Honor Code. Research presented by the SUNY Task Force indicates “44% of those who were aware of student cheating in their course n the last three years, have never reported a student cheating to the appropriate campus authority” (2006). This data is also confirmed by a US News & World report indicating that “1/3 of faculty from 21 different campuses” (Unknown, 2007) also did nothing when they encountered cheating.
Reasons to Cheat What would make a good and honest student cheat? One major contributor is the stress one feels while furthering his or her education. Academic performance can create these pressures because high scores are difficult to achieve. University and college students are placed under an enormous demand to execute by parents, professors, and themselves. The peer pressure experienced when a student may be competing with another student over grades or
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