Ethics in Advertising Essay

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Ethics in advertising to most sounds like the definition for irony. However, the practice of truthful advertising is commonplace in today’s society. Advertisers are held accountable for the messages they produce. So too are the manufacturers, whom are held accountable for their products meeting the standards set forth by the advertisement. For the most part this is a self-regulated practice. Once an advertised product is called out for not living up to expectation, recovery of reputation and overall positive brand imaging are rarely had. The added fear of civil lawsuits pertaining to deceptive advertising coupled with penal laws which prohibit such dishonest acts, make for an industry centered on truthful intent. The Federal Trade…show more content…
More often than not however, it is the intention of the manufacturer or seller to eliminate the risk of lawsuits from civil liability issues. Every plastic bag has a warning against putting it over one’s head for risk of suffocation. Seemingly an obvious effect of plastic over the head still must be stated. In a not too distant future, when healthcare reform is had will national cigarette warnings remain the same? The ethical issues of advertising include the marketing of unhealthy products. The most obvious example would be cigarettes. The tobacco industry was banned from broadcast media long ago and in 1998 most other forms of tobacco advertising were eliminated. Smoker’s still smoke and elimination of that fact remains unscathed. The media machine is over-saturated with anti-smoking campaigns. As if it were the only negatively influential product out on the market. The irony of it all! Many products like prescription drugs, alcohol and fatty foods outweigh the adverse health affects of smoking. Why is the tobacco industry so vilified and heavily regulated? Coca-cola is a staple of American culture. An icon of society. The marketing innovators of whom set the standard in successful advertising. Advertisers focus on selling a brand image not just the product from the brand. The best advertising campaigns to date come from soda pop
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