Ethics in Advertising Essay

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An American unnoticeably views three thousand advertisements in a day, many of which use women and sex appeal to get consumers’ attention (Kilbourne). Advertisements subconsciously affect our lives, and often times not in a good way. Also, women and young girls are usually the ones that compare themselves to thin models featured in ads. Advertisements not only impact how women view each other, but also how they view themselves. Women and girls strive to look like the retouched and Photoshopped models, which can lead to serious issues including eating disorders, extreme dieting, and excessive plastic surgery. But what these women and young girls look past, is the fact that advertising companies use Photoshopping to completely change…show more content…
If a model is not perfect, the computer makes them perfect. According to Kilbourne’s documentary, Oprah Winfrey’s head was once put on the body of actress Ann-Margret for a TV guide magazine, merely because Oprah wasn’t skinny enough. Simply put, advertisements are lies. Advertisements psychologically and physically affect women. In a study by Ann Becker, (shown in Killing us Softly 4), girls who watched TV three plus nights a week were 50% more likely to say they looked “too fat” than girls who watched less TV, simply because these girls were viewing too many “perfect” women. More often now then ever before, advertisements are causing issues to women’s health, including, eating disorders, extreme dieting, and excessive plastic surgery. All these components are ways women change their physical appearance to look more like the models they see in advertisements. What these women look past is that these models don’t truly look like that, and they have been retouched. According to a New York Times article published in 2009, titled, A Move to Curb Digitally Altered Photos in Ads, “there is a big concern that girls and women feel excessive pressure to live up to the digitally Botoxed and liposuctioned images of human perfection they see in glossy magazines,” (Pfanner). For instance, my friend is a perfect example of a girl who has been succumbed by the pressure of the media. She has
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