Ethics in Construction Industry

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Contents Acknowledgement 2 Introduction 3 Professional Ethics and Construction 5 Professional Ethics 5 The case in Ethiopia 13 Ethical Issues 15 Construction Business and Ethics 22 References 25 Acknowledgement The group would like to take this opportunity to thank our Ethics and Legal Environment Instructor, Dr. Tilahun Goshu, who gave us the chance to explore the ethical issues in the construction industry at present time. Introduction Construction is the largest industry in the world, benefiting all stakeholders. Improved productivity thought virtuous collaborating will help in bringing to the owner a quality facility, in a shorter time, at lower cost. When we look to ethics in the area of construction quality, time…show more content…
➢ Corruption For project managers, one of the critical elements of their profession is the consideration of ethics and social responsibility. There should be no conflict between morality and good management. “It is vital that project managers conduct their work in an ethical manner”. This quotation, from the Preamble of the Code of Ethics for Project Managers (Walker, 1989), confirms the scope of proper ethical conduct required by project managers. Construction contractors are also expected to behave in an ethical manner. Being honest and realistic is also said to be a fundamental aspect of professional integrity, especially when making claims and estimates. In contrast with architects, however, construction contractors have a reputation for unethical behavior, the main problem being, the high level of disputes between proprietors and builders. Their generally poor behavior has been said to have originated from the influx of new construction companies with new people who lack building construction ethics, with greed being one of the main factors leading to unethical conduct. Here is a sample code of professional ethics that the group that prepared this paper believes to be a guide and good experience for our country’s construction professionals. Even though this particular sample is for the construction manager, it could also be applied in all areas of the profession. Since 1982, the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) has taken a leadership
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