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Code of Ethics – Assignment 2 Andrea Denette March 18, 2015 Integrated Corporate Communication, Comm 3010 Paul Lindsley, M.A., ABC The word ethics has many definitions depending on who you are speaking with and if it is business related. One person may tell you that ethics has to do with what is right and wrong. Another may say it has to do with that law of the land. In fact there are many interpretations and definitions for ethics. In Corporate Communications there is a totally different set of code of ethics. The standards for professional communicators are similar to each other and they also have their differences in relation to their actual profession. I am going to compare and contrast the different codes of the major…show more content…
Journalists also ask the public to inform the news media of any grievances they may have against them. The Public Relations Society of America made changes to their code of ethics in the year 2000. The new codes “focus is on universal value that inspire ethical behavior and performance: (Unit 4). They did remove some of the regulations around how they enforce the codes but the Board of Directors is still able to bar anyone from membership to the Public Relations Society of America. The Public Relations Society of America believes in advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence and fairness. There are six Public Relations Society of America code provisions. Each one has a core principal, intent, guidelines and examples of improper conduct under said provision. These code provisions are as follows: Free Flow of Information, Competition, Disclosure of Information, Conflicts of Interest, and Enhancing the Profession. An example of one core principal is the Free Flow of Information for the Public Relations Society of America is “protecting and advancing the free flow of accurate and truthful information is essential to serving the public interest and contributing to informed decision making in a democratic society” (Unit 4). An improper conduct of Free Flow of Information would be a member of a company giving a magazine company some of their products that would influence the writer to speak favorably of that

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