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Boundary Issues and the Dual Relationship


Jennifer Ewings Willis

PCN 505, Ethics in Professional Counseling

Dr. Gloria Gabler, Instructor

Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships

In the Counseling field, Counselors will encounter many instances of boundary

issues. These types issues will occur when practitioners establish more than one

relationship with clients. These relationships can be come professional, personal

and work related. In our field of work, boundary issues will occur when mental health

professionals encounter a potential or actual conflict in the professional, personal an or

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The therapist must

determine how the relationship will affect him/her professionally, personally, and in the

business setting. The therapist must also look at how to objectively remain neutral and

attempt to eliminate potential, impractical and improper alternatives. Having these facts

in mind, the therapist must make an informed judgment based on whether or not the

client being served is treated fairly and their services beneficial to the course of their


In the event that a Counselor willingly and ethically decide to cross boundaries

with a client, the counselor should obtain an informed consent with the client and explain

to the client in grave detail what the nature of the of the relationship will be. The

counselor should also for his/her protection; document the nature of the relationship to

avoid possible litigation from a client. While documenting the relationship is good

practice, it wouldn’t prevent the sanctioning or disciplinary actions that could be brought

on by the Ethics Committee. This would also apply to the use of Social media i.e.

Facebook, My Space ,etc. Counselors should always take steps to keep information

personal. The ACA Code of Ethics, 2005. does not specify guidelines in the situation of

Social networking sites. It implies that counselors should treat each the Social

networking sites

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