Ethics in Educational Research

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Ethics in Educational Research
The relationship between ethics and research is one of the most important problems faced by educational researchers. The demand for accountability and ethical responsibility in research is valid and has become irresistible, as instances to the contrary have resulted in impaired research opportunities, infringement on the autonomy of peoples studied, and in some instances harm to research participants (Howe & Moses, 2002). Many education associations have their own codes of ethics to guide members’ research activity. As a professional educators’ association, the AERA documents the initiative involved in educating researchers to produce research of high integrity and quality with respect to human research
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Teachers should acknowledge in print the student assistance used in their own publications; give appropriate credit when student research is used in publication; encourage and assist in publication of worthy student papers; and compensate students justly for the use of their time, energy, and intelligence in research and teaching (Avis, 2005).
Teachers have the awesome privilege to influence the attitude of their students toward research by inculcating fundamental ethical values. These values include fairness, honesty, respect, and trust. Because of their positions of power, teachers have a great responsibility for the moral development of their students. As teachers plan their courses and individual class sessions, they should think not only about the knowledge and skills that they want their students to acquire, but also the values that they want them to develop, for teachers’ course policies and classroom conduct will convey values implicitly whether or not they are aware of them. Students will act in ways they have been shown to act. Students will treat others in ways they have been treated (Cornett & Chase, 2006).
The Code of Ethics states that, “In describing or reporting their … research … [researchers] do not make statements that are false, misleading, or deceptive” (American

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