Ethics in Engineering Essay

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Ethics is the moral behavior that guides our actions; it motivates us in our personal behavior and is relevant in a business setting as well. Many organizations have set forth a set of guidelines known as a “Code of Ethics”. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, being one of these organizations, has set forth their code as a requirement for students and engineer members to adhere to. Heading towards a career in electrical engineering I choose this organization to elaborate on for my ethics project. In the paragraphs that follow you will be introduced to the Code of Ethics as outlined by IEEE, and what it means to its members. A comprehensive summarization will be provided for each guideline along with examples of how …show more content…
This being the case it is important for the engineer to consider the application to which the design will be used as well as how and to what extent it will be handled. In the instance that risks and dangers are present they must immediately be brought to the attention of the consumer, and if effected as a whole, the public. The second point outlines the regulation of avoiding real and perceived conflicts of interest and to bring the forth to all parties involved. Conflicts of interest are more prevalent in our society than many people believe. Many times conflicts of interest are most common in what is known as “self-dealing”. Self-dealing is the act in which an engineer operates in a fashion to which he benefits on both sides of the deal. For example if John, co-owner of a local corporation, uses his position as a part-time government official to secure job contracts for himself, this would be a conflict of interest related to self-dealing and deemed a violation of ethics by the IEEE. Engineers are also required to use honesty and not over exaggerate claims or estimates when the data is available to make an informed decision. When making statements regarding an estimate members are required to accurately measure the cost and time in which it will take to produce a design. Misleading development times and costs not only results in damages of a financial sense but also in a loss of quality of the product or design. To prevent such
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