Ethics in Marketing Communication

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Ethical Challenges in Marketing Communication Ethics play an integral role in the development and sustenance of any personal or business relationship. Ethics determine the acceptable behaviors within a society and the overall behaviors of a business. Marketers must understand the impact ethics have on marketing communications and develop Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategies accordingly. This paper will discuss various ethical challenges facing marketers today, identify internal and external factors on IMC, and formulate two ethical questions based upon the analysis. Ethics in Marketing The practice of ethics within an organization is an important but difficult concept to understand and practice. The reason ethics…show more content…
Companies must recognize these factors and their relationships to IMC. Although a company has little control over the above external factors, the organization must ensure that its IMC strategies in response to these factors are handled ethically. For instance, if a company is attempting to build brand equity and instigate customer loyalty, it should not offer illegitimate or unethical incentives to purchase the product. If this practice occurs, the company may lose customer loyalty and overall customer retention. The text describes clutter as "a large number of sources trying to send a large number of messages to the same receivers" (pp. 127). This can impede a company 's ability to reach a specific customer because of the abundance of information attempting to reach the recipient. Companies must ensure that their targeting practices are ethical and advertisements minimize the use of sexual images and obscene gestures as noted above. Ethics must be considered when dealing with all external factors. A company must also consider internal factors and their influence on ethical IMC decision making. Certain internal factors that may affect IMC development include organizational functions, use of technology, handling of customer information, employment, and advertising and promotions, to name a few. A company must understand the ethical implications involved in these internal factors if

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