Ethics in Multicultural Counseling

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Ethical Issues in Multicultural Counseling

Abstract In the past, counselors have lacked the knowledge and skills to interpret ethical guidelines in multicultural counseling. The ethical guidelines dictate how a counselor should have the necessary tools when conducting a counseling session. There is a shortfall of training and education when dealing with race, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds in today’s society. Ethics is a hot topic for counselors, partially because there are so many different situations that can be affected by ethical behavior. These situations can range from betraying the clients trust to injustice. There tends to be a lot of ambiguity for how to handle a situation ethically since there are a lot of
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Importance of Counselor’s Awareness of Ethical Standards When encountering an ethical dilemma, it is important for the counselor to be aware of ethical considerations. Making good ethical decisions is dependent on being familiar with models of ethnical decision-making, knowledge of ethical situations, and one’s own code of ethics. If a counselor is not knowledgeable of his or her ethical standards, they are more likely to break a code without even knowing it. According to Neukrug and Milliken (2011) say that few professionals are actually accused of unethical conduct during their careers, but those who can be traumatized as well as their clients from the repercussion’s of the counselors mistake (p. 206). Thankfully, there are many organizations that have established a code of ethics for their employees to abide by while in that organization.
Ethical Issues Unique to Multicultural Counseling Because multicultural counseling can have a myriad of people with different personalities and backgrounds, many ethical procedures cannot address all the circumstances that a counselor could come across. According to Diller (2011) it is critical when preparing to work with clients of a particular ethnic group by doing research into the group’s history, culture, and health issues (p. 320). This would include not only academic, professional, or web searches, but travel,
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