Ethics in Supply Chain Management

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1.0 Executive Summary
Due to the changing in business model of Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) and lack in supply chain management, MNCs have been criticized as behaving unethically in some situations. It makes a very bad impact on the business and it can destroy the brand image of the corporation. In order to determine the cause and solve this problem, I will examine the ethic of largest computing corporation (Apple) in its relationship with its main manufacture (Foxconn). Then, I will try to consider and apply due diligence in supply chain management carefully to solve their unethical situations. Other hand, I will analysis the impact of supply chain issues to Apple’s stakeholder. Thereby proving the importance of applied the Due
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However in this case, U.S’ and Chinese government have shown their weakness in governing corporations. Base on justice theory, the government needs to keep the equality of the law is made for everyone; no one is treated differently under the law. (Baeuchamp, et al., 2009). All governments have legislation to protect labour and laws governing ethical business practices such as Transparency in supply chains act, United States labor law, or Labour contract law of the People's Republic of China. And they need to implement laws to protect workers and the environment.
With the unethical issues of Apple and its largest manufactures, Foxconn, media played a very important role in changing the attitudes and actions of Apple and Foxconn. The accusations were published in many long articles in The New York Times that show readers the unethical practices in supply chain of Apple. Writers have called to the attention of the public, social, consumer to problems happening in Foxconn. Other hand, they have called for boycott with Apple’s products if no changes in supply chain management. They action based on utilitarianism and informational justices. They bring the truth to all people and they give equal information to everyone (Baeuchamp, et al., 2009). Their warning made changing gradually of Apple and Foxconn in the supply chain as they pay more attention to the changing work environment, manage
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