Ethics in the Movie: Matrix

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Many people may question how the movie the Matrix relates to ethics, or any other ethical theories. While watching the movie, I can honestly say that this movie relates to several different ethical theories. Ethics is basically the principle of how we behave and response to certain situations. It also consist of how our motives should be solved. In the movie the character cypher betray he friend, for the purpose of his selfish goals. Ethics relates to this part of the movie, because he is doing it for his own good which is egoism. Egoism is the belief to deal with self-interest, and own motives. Besides hyper-reality you can relate this to epistemology. Epistemology is determining whether we understand reality. We know from the movie that reality is real, but do people inside of matrix know? People inside the movie have no way of knowing because in reality they thought that everything that was going on was real. Hyper-reality is putting together reality and fiction. The Matrix uses this through the whole movie. We do not learn till later that the movie is simply a computer data that creates a dream world for its prisoners. We can honestly say that nothing in the scientific world of the movie was real. The Matrix was created by fake machines. Morpheus in the movie explains to Neo after he is reborn into reality. The term Morpheus comes Greek mythology, his name refers to the ability to change. The term fits well with it because, Morpheus has control over the dream world
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