Ethics in the Movie Philadelphia

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ETHICS IN PHILADELPHIA MOVIE (1993) In this paper, we are dealing with matters of ethics and profession from a contemporary perspective. Diseases also come in when you look at matters of employment and what the disease can do to someone in a particular profession. From an ethical perspective, one needs to stay honest in what they do. In this case of ours, Andy Beckett is forced to conceal his secrets about his health status and sexual orientation for fear of rebuke and rejection. These actions proves that he is unethical in his profession. However, it can be rightfully argued that he was right to stay like that. This is a condition of ethical dilemma whereby if one decides to be very honest as they are required they will lose…show more content…
Joe Miller refuses the case since he does not like homosexuals and he is homophobic. He bases his argument on the fact that his moral values are different. I feel that this is morally unfair as he is unable to take the case with him. His position requires responsibility and he is expected to take care of the case. When Andy Beckett is fired unfairly he goes to the attorney for help who in turn turns him away while clearly expressing his dislikes for homosexuals. His actions of acquainting himself with Andy and realizes everything from a personal level. But, by the fact that he is distancing himself from the case, it proves that he is very unethical in his handling of matters. Miller’s role as a professional lawyer should have restricted him from his actions. Ethically, a lawyer deserves to be responsible in their handling of situations and ensure that justice prevailed. I think if he was never phobic but disapproves the characters he should never have distanced himself from the case. Even if he was in disapproval of the characters of gays he should at least not have any problem with gays. Miller has a professional duty to perform. His compassion for the gay people and what Beckett has been subjected to should make him take care of the case. Lawyers have a calling that they have to ensure justice in every sector of the economy. He should show great professionalism and competence in the situations. He only pitied Becket’s condition since he realized that
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