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Ethics in the Workplace Case Study: BP Oil Spill On April 20, 2010 off the Gulf of Mexico, there was a blowout of the Macondo well which is owned by British Petroleum also known as BP. When the blowout took place it got immediate media attention because aspects of the event were known over the world. Within events transpiring it was discovered how limited the resources and reaction to the disaster was going to be. This paper will detail aspects of the event from symptoms of the problem, the root cause, important unresolved issues, roles of the organization’s key players and stakeholders, and explain the focus of specific ethical systems. Also discussed in this paper are relevant strategies and alternatives, the effect of globalization …show more content…
60). A company should at least support a moral minimum, or a right to focus on increasing profits without hurting other people in the process. The corporate citizenship theory states companies have a responsibility to make society a better place. The stakeholder interest theory reveals that a company must act similarly with the citizenship theory, with respect to employees, customers, creditors, and the community. Communication is essential to the effective operation of an organization. Communication is the exchange of messages conveying information, ideas, attitudes, emotions, opinions, or instructions between individuals or groups with the objective of creating, understanding, or coordinating activities. Communication is very important for an organization. BP should have properly executed response plans from the beginning by providing specific technology, man- power, and other resources needed to respond to a deepwater blowout. Several employees died in the explosion and others were injured. Anglers were unable to work, marine animals and organisms vanished, and the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida were affected.
The Focus of Ethical Systems and their related theories match the behavior involved

Relevant Strategies and Evaluate Alternatives
The dilemma that could be identified with the BP Oil spill is no one wanted to take the blame when it first

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