Ethics in the Workplace

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Good ethics is essential in the workplace to have a good, working environment. Many companies now enforce ethics training, in hopes that the good ethics will rise above bad ethics. But in too many cases that does not happen. It is important to enforce good ethics in the workplace so that trust may be a result. Employers must be able to build trust around their employees and visa versa. Employees must also be able to trust fellow employees. When bad ethics are being displayed by an individual or group of individuals, it is hard to gain trust in the workplace. Without trust, the bad ethics multiply. Pretty much any workplace individual is able to provide examples of both good and bad work ethics, whether they committed both, or…show more content…
All she simply wanted was for me to look up the invoice and the credit that washed against it in a file cabinet that is between the whole department and very accessible to anyone. Well I gave it back to her and explained that all she had to do was go look in the files. Then there was another situation, I picked up her mail for her and gave it to her. Well I guess she already had and attitude with me about the previous incident, and began to e-mail my boss and myself about the tact that I was "nosing around in her mail slot". Then we were asked to come in my boss's office to discuss the matter. I was extremely upset by the pettiness of the whole situation and told her so (in a polite manner) however it didn't end with that. Weeks later I was getting a paper off the printer and I seen there were several of Dina's papers by the printer, I picked them up and dropped them off at her desk. She had the nerve to tell me to "take those back!" Well...once again we had to meet in my boss' office. After this she finally left me alone ...only for a while that is. Another time the entire department was called to have a meeting prompted by Dina and her boss about the procedures in which we handled the credits. (About time, I thought) The meeting was a total waste, as others got into a shouting match about one of our new temps. At any rate, nothing got resolved in

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