Ethics in the Workplace Essay

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Ethics in Management – PHL 323
Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan
Learning Team B: Cynthia Gibbs
Elizabeth Hedden
Dr. Christopher Klein, Facilitator
December 11, 2005
Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan
In 2003, Weyco Inc., a licensed third party medical benefits administrator based in Okemos, Michigan, announced that effective January 1, 2005, they would no longer hire smokers ( They were changing their policy to a Tobacco-Free Policy, which would not only prohibit employees from smoking in or around the workplace, but outside the workplace, including in the privacy of their own homes. Employees who worked for Weyco Inc. were given a 15-month time frame to kick the
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Smokers also claim that they already pay high taxes for cigarettes and that in the process of quitting there are other health issues such as weight gain (Lacy, E., Lee, A., and, Schultz, M 2005).
Marisa Schultz, Amy Lee, and Eric Lacy of the Detroit News quoted Wendy Wagenhiem of The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan who stated, "At least two dozen other states prevent lifestyle discrimination, and that's possible in Michigan as well if people are concerned about their privacy, as well they should be" (Lacy, E., Lee, A., and, Schultz, M 2005). Additionally, according to Schultz, Lee, and Lacy, there are 29 other states that have laws regarding smoker's right, yet the 1.9 million smokers in Michigan do not have any laws to protect or help them. Furthermore, Michigan smokers feel they pay enough since they pay "one of the highest cigarette taxes in the nation" (Lacy, E., Lee, A., and, Schultz, M 2005). Now they may have to pay by losing their job and their income.
While most of the arguments are made by Weyco and employees who smoke, according to Barbara Wieland of the Lansing State Journal, "Nonsmokers who support the policy say it will pare health care costs and improve employees' lives." Additionally, Wieland quotes John Banzhaf, executive director of an anti-smoking group, Action on Smoking and Heath, who states that, "Smoking adds to the cost of health and disability insurance, and that expense is ultimately borne by the employer and fellow

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