Ethics of Advertising

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Technical Specifications Assignment Advertising is a tremendous and powerful way of providing silent information as to how consumers should interact and present themselves. From the ethics class, we realize that the messages help us to see the meaning and possibilities in the things we purchase. It also helps consumers to liberate the direct meaning that lie below the surface of the products. For example, the Volkswagen advertisements have turned the automobile company into a social statement. Advertising has become a daily culture and companies are bombarding us with messages every day. Therefore, advertisements are increasingly influencing and changing the behavior and cultural conscious of the public. Therefore, it provides a higher quality of good by identifying manufacturers, creating the need for manufacturers to maintain a degree of quality enables companies to rollout new products and protects industries from the control of special interest groups and government due to democratized information. From the readings addressed in class, we find that ethics is a set of principles governing the morals and code of conduct. Further, it entails the application and evaluation of these codes of conduct that have been accepted by the society. The study of business ethics can be traced back when Socrates challenges his students about the concept of goodness and justice. We have continued to uphold this Socratic method of inquiring moral conduct thus drawing debates within
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