Ethics of Animal Testing

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Ethics of Animal Testing

For my paper I chose the topic of animal testing because I have always been very passionate for animals and against animal abuse. I have never believed in animal testing and that there were always other alternatives. I wanted to look further into and educate myself about what is being done about this and why it is an ethical issue. I have come up with an axiom to summarize this topic. Testing animals in research revolves around the relative or moral value of humans and animals, and many different viewpoints helped to contribute to the development of ethical principles of animal treatment.

The use of animals in research, teaching and testing is an important ethical and political issue. Much of the discussion about this issue revolves around the relative value, often referred to as moral value, of humans and animals. How do you decide what is right when the needs of animals and humans come into conflict? It’s really difficult to make a moral decision when so many people have different morals regarding this topic (Animal testing and ethics).

In today’s society, there is a wide spectrum of views on this subject. There are people who are with animal rights, and people who view animals only as a resource to be exploited. All of these viewpoints have contributed to the development of ethical principles of animal use. Because of these views, we now have different organizations such as AAALAC,AALAS and the AVMA (Animal testing and ethics).The positive
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