Ethics of Compassion Essay

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Ethics of compassion To help explain the ethics of compassion I will be using reference from the Dalia Lama’s book Ethics for the New Millennium, more specifically chapter ten; The Need for Discernment, and chapter 5 The Supreme Emotion. I will also refer to Touching Peace, and the five mindfulness trainings. The Dalia Lama had so many strong points it was hard to find any criticisms in his philosophies. One thing that concerned me was how he recognizes people who kill and torture for pleasure. The other point he made that came across as weaker to me or somewhat questionable is that we are to question whether our motive is genuinely compassionate when considered in relation to the totality of all beings. As for the strong points keeping…show more content…
The Dalai Lama felt this to be entirely appropriate, and very necessary, In that it shows two sides of human potential. I agree with him on this completely and I think the fact they made this memorial like this makes it more than just a memorial, it is also art. The Dalia Lama wants us to understand that the existence of negative potential does not give us grounds to suppose that human nature is inherently violent. The next question to think about is, what about those who kill and torture for pleasure? Here he is talking about people like Hilter, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. In these types of people there is a lacking of the basic impulse toward care and affection for others. There is a commonality between all of them, that their schemes were carried out in accordance to a perverted vision. They all have goals towards which they were working. The Dalia Lama wants us to understand that killers come from a particular society, time and place. Also we should recognize the role of the imaginative faculty in their actions. Although I can understand these things, I think it comes awful close to making excuses for the horrible actions that these people have been in charge of. By the use to which this faculty is put determines whether actions it conceives are positive or negative, ethical or unethical. The individuals’ motivation in this is known as Kun
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