Ethics of Fear

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Ethics of Fear Ethics is the question of what is right and what is wrong. For some people, the law dictates their behavior. If something is unlawful, then they are unlikely to perform that action for fear of punishment by the government. There are situations however, which the law does not prevent but which people still may fear is the wrong course of action. Many people have religious beliefs which prohibit certain behaviors although they are not unlawful. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all other religions have certain restrictions which are placed upon the practitioners based upon the rules of that religious group. Most religions have some sort of divine punishment that a person will receive if they perform actions which violate the mandates of the religious doctrine. There is a divine person, a God or several gods, who watch a person at all moments of their life. Anything that they do which violates the rules of their religion is a mark against them which will be punished following death. Many believe in Hell or some other world beyond the living one where a person will face physical torment for perhaps an eternity if they have committed enough sins. Thus, they behave according to the rules of their religion throughout their life, even at times when they are completely alone because of the fear that there will be punishment for violations of the dogma. For example, in Christianity homosexuality is considered highly sinful. Homosexuality is not illegal, at least

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