Ethics of Materialism

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Repercussions of Materialism Materialism and the want of consumer goods, has proved to be a prevalent force in the last century. When superficially thinking about materialism, one would not immediately register that there is a relationship between materialism and ethics; although, under examination, we can see that there is indeed a great association between the two. Are materialism and the obsessive consumer culture we have made for ourselves ethical? People's opinion on this question can be polar opposites. Some people believe that materialism has great benefits for the technological and economic growth, while others argue that materialism strips people of their individuality and creates unethical division between the rich and the…show more content…
Materialism can be viewed as a never ending cycle where once you fall victim to the consumer culture, it is practically impossible to detach yourself from it. I can say this with personal experience, since I live in a culture where materialism and superficiality surrounds you. Even though I disagree with the reasons behind excessive materialism, I fall victim to this cycle too because I have become obsessed with wanting to buy the latest luxury businesses have to offer. Companies are very aware of this cycle, and use the ‘victims' of materialism as their target audiences to advertise their products to; consumer has now come to be a derogatory term within businesses. Firms constantly advertise new models of products, and mindless consumers who are targets of this cycle obsessively buy and purchase the goods, thinking this will help them gain recognition in society. The constant media influence of advertising products is another reason the underprivileged people feel pressured to live up to the standards that society set. Society is established in such a way that they label everyone who is not part of them as ‘outcasts' and ‘outsiders'. If poor people have any chance of getting rid of this label, they need to fit in with the people in the society, and since there has been a recent
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